About the Designer

Yanis Allen is an award winning Toronto based Fashion Designer.  Her eponymous label can be described as geometric with African influences with black and blue white and gold dresses at her signature.

Yanis received her formal design education at the Toronto Film School, but her path into the field is far from traditional. Growing up in Canada Yanis was influenced by the different cultures and diversity of Toronto.  She always loved fashion and had a flair and interest in the process of creating art.  However, because of her practical nature, she did not go into a creative field right away for fear of becoming a starving artist.  She went on to pursue a career in Mathematics Education and taught math for many years at the collegiate level.  Nonetheless, there was always this burning desire to become a fashion designer that she just could not escape. 

 “Push through.  Not in a negative way and not in a forced way.  Everyone has to believe in themselves!”

– Tamron Hall

  Because of her experience growing up in Toronto, Yanis was curious about seeing the world.  She spent time traveling to different places such as South Korea, India, and Thailand.  As a result these experiences have an influence on in her design aesthetic; but none more than the career she left behind; mathematics.  “I will never regret the years I spent learning and teaching mathematics,” says Yanis.  When you look at Yanis’ design you will see all these elements.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
– Albert Einstein


Yanis Studio is dedicated to helping women look their best white still upholding modesty.  We are committed to creating unique trend setting, one-of-kind garments.  Our mission is to help people express themselves through clothing in an individualistic and positive way.  Our values include sustainability of the earth, edification of the soul and Positivity of the mind.  We believe every woman is beautiful and her clothing should express that with a delicate balance of creativity, attractiveness and decency.